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What is Pleasure Registration?

The USTA allows any member, at no charge, to convert the existing registration of a horse for whom they are the listed owner to one that allows only “pleasure” use of the horse. The horse cannot be raced and progeny cannot be registered.

To watch a video on how Pleasure Registration works, click here

Why is this needed?

Pleasure Registration ensures that the intentions of an owner who gives or sells a horse they do not want to be used for racing and breeding are honored. The horse may be unsound for racing or breeding or may have produced progeny that do not advance the gene pool, but they are a good candidate for other uses.

With assurance that a horse will not be able to race or have progeny registered, reluctance to place horses in new careers may be erased for some members. Also, some equine disciplines require that a Standardbred possess registration papers in the name of the current competitor. This both protects the intentions of the owner and provides the horse necessary documentation to compete in a new discipline.

Can a future owner reverse the conversion to Pleasure Registration and either race or register progeny from the horse?

No. Conversion to pleasure registration is final and irreversible. The USTA’s computer system will prevent entry of the horse in to a race or registration of any progeny of the pleasure registered horse.

Can I sell a Pleasure-registered horse?

Yes, you can sell the horse to anyone you like or give them away to anyone you like. You should advise them of the horse’s status at the time you sell or give them away. Their status as pleasure registered never changes. The transfer of ownership is reflected in our database and new papers in the new owner’s name are issued only if you give or sell the horse to a USTA member and file the usual transfer documents and pay the usual transfer fee.

Can I convert a horse that I gave away or sold in the past to Pleasure Registration?

No. The horse must be your care, custody or control and you must be listed as their owner in our database.

Can I call the USTA to convert a horse to Pleasure Registration?

No. Because of the finality of conversion, we require a signed form requesting conversion along with the horse’s current registration papers, unless they have electronic registration. The form can be accessed here or you can ask that one be mailed to you by calling the USTA at 877-800-8782 x 1.

Can I enroll a horse over the phone?

No. You must complete this form or call the USTA at 877-800-8782 and one will be mailed to you.

Does the USTA offer any other options to help protect my horse in the future?

Yes. You can enroll the horse in the Full Circle program. This can be done by anyone, member or not, at any time in the horse’s life. Full Circle connects two people with a shared concern about a horse. The horse does not need to be in your care, custody or control and they do not need to be registered in your name. For more information on Full Circle and how to enroll a horse, click here.