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The USTA has partnered with the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) to promote the use of Standardbreds in endurance riding. The amount of training miles put into a Standardbred in preparation for racing gives them a solid base for endurance.

For more information on the AERC, visit their website.

Riders that are new to the world of endurance can learn more as a Green Bean.

Join other Standardbred endurance riders in the ‘Team Standardbred Distance Riders' Facebook group.

Riders must be a member of AERC in order to track horse and rider mileage.

High Mileage Standardbred Award Winners

The USTA has presented the High Mileage Standardbred Award since 2011. The award is given to the Standardbred that has the most miles ridden during the current ride season (December 1 through November 30). Horse must be registered with the USTA or Standardbred Canada. All completed rides are considered, including the limited distance 24-35 mile rides, and standard endurance rides (50+ miles).

Riders must be a member of AERC in order to track horse and rider mileage.

2020 Anita Rees & Jailhouse Waylon (a.k.a. Bubba)

2019 Bruce Weary & Solar Partner (a.k.a. Trooper)

2018 Bruce Weary & Solar Partner (a.k.a. Trooper)

2017 Stephanie Teeter/Merri Melde & Shotgun Rider

2016 Jen Moore & Sidney Rain

2015 Aarene Storms & Naked Willow

2014 Heather Wimer & Pureform Bunny

2013 Heather Wimer & Pureform Bunny

2012 Nancy Salazar & Steady's Bad Boy

2011 Patricia Clark & East Meets West


Endurance News

Visit USTrottingNews.com for Endurance News from the U.S. Trotting Association.

Companionable Sensibility: Standardbreds trade tracks for trails in endurance riding
by Emily Real
(Hoof Beats June 2018)